The fun way to stop puppy biting - using a hand puppet toy for dogs with padding for playtime protection

Stop puppy biting in a fun way with this interactive hand puppet dog toy perfect for enrichment, training, play fighting, and roughhousing.

Do you notice your puppy constantly nipping or biting? They are probably teething and the best way to help them is to get them a reliable toy. Pupr Pals™ Nutjob is a fun interactive toy for both pets and their parents. This toy offers entertainment for your dog while they are on active mode and at the same time protects you during play.

Ideal for stopping puppy biting, this toy is also perfect for play fighting, roughhousing and wrestling, or training and socialization purposes.

Three use cases for our squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs:

Brown puppy sitting in the grass biting the hand of a person while looking up at him, text on image: 1. Stop puppy biting Brown puppy laying on its back in the grass wrestling with Pupr Pals squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs, text on image: 2. Play fight & wrestle Brown and white puppy playing with a Pupr Pals squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs for socialization,  text on image: 3. Train & socialize

Wear it like a glove on your hand and move the puppet to entertain your dog. The plush toy’s fabric has a built in padding to protect you from sharp puppy teeth. This gives you a chance to play with your little land shark without getting bite marks on your hands. The arm sleeve also protects you against sharp puppy claws.

The toy is specifically designed with a hidden squeaker controllable by your hand and an extra crinkly tail to stimulate your puppy’s prey drive.

The Pupr Pals™ squirrel hand puppet helps reinforce a bond between you and your dog. It is a simple yet fun way to physically and mentally tire your hyper puppy while teaching them about nipping.

Using the padded toy to play with your puppy will help them learn to inhibit their bite. They may not stop using their mouths to discover the world and play, but the goal is for them not to hurt us by not controlling the strength of their bite.

Put their overflowing energy to good use and start training them at a young age.

Pupr Pals™ are trusted by dog trainers, Vivi, Ken, and Alice:

Picture of Vivi from Loving Dog Training on orange background Picture of Ken from Taggs K9 dog training kneeling down and embracing a smiling dog Picture of Alice from Wongerdogs dog training surrounded by 5 large smiling german shepherd dogs


Pupr Pals™ are lovable plush animals that your dogs can befriend, and hand puppets for interactive play.

A brown puppy sleeping on the grass using his Pupr Pals squirrel hand puppet for dogs as a pillow

Bond with your puppy in a new way through interactive play and training.