5 Reasons You and Your Dog Need An Interactive Toy

dog cartoon playing with interactive squirrel dog toy puppet Pupr Pals

If this is your first time seeing Pupr Pals, maybe you're wondering "Why get my dog another plush toy (that they might destroy in minutes)?" We'll explain what makes Pupr Pals different, and why they're unlike any toy your pet has ever experienced.

Milunova Pupr Pals Nutjob Squirrel Interactive Dog Toy playing


Our goal at milunova is to help build stronger relationships between pets and their parents. Pupr Pals helps to achieve that through interactive play. When our oldest dog Luna was a puppy, her favorite toy was a children's fox puppet that we bought for her at the zoo. The fox never left her side until her sister Nova came into the picture. Seeing how much she loved it, we decided to create a toy inspired by hand puppets yet designed for interactive play with dogs and cats.

Thinking through the needs of both the parent and pet, we incorporated features that would make an interactive play session enjoyable for both. 


It's no ordinary plush toy. The inner lining has a special bite resistant fabric, and we added a robust arm sleeve after having our arms scratched during testing with the milunova dogs. You don't toss this toy at your dog for them to keep themselves busy - you play with them

Every time you take your Pupr Pal out to play, the look on your dog's face will say: "yes, the squirrel! That's my favorite toy because we always play with it together."

Grace has had a similar experience with her lab and Nutjob: 

They say "a tired dog is a good dog." While we strive to give our dogs ample mental and physical stimulation, the realities of work-life (especially in the city) or even the weather, mean we may not always have time to go for a long walk in the park every day. 
Milunova Pupr Pals Nutjob interactive dog puppet plush toy playing with dog
Pupr Pals promote a healthy lifestyle by giving your dog a play session with high intensity activity. Not only does it incorporate features to stimulate the dog's prey drive such as a hidden squeaker in the throat and an extra crinkly tail, but since the puppet toy is controlled by you, it stimulates their mind as they have to retain focus and make rapid mental calculations to win the tussle against the squirrel. 
If you've ever promised your dog a park visit on the weekend, then perhaps you can relate to Franky: 
franky review interactive dog toy for indoor exercise
With many more professionals working from home, you might need a few hours of undisturbed time to sprint through tasks and video calls. If your dog is like mine and puzzle toys and licky mats don't seem to last more than 10 minutes, try taking a short break to play and bond with your dog using Pupr Pals. A short play session will care for the dog's emotional needs, and will tire them out for enough time between the next walk. 

Perhaps the reason dogs get so worked up by the toy is that they think it's real, especially when you are moving the arms and head from the inside. This phenomenon seems universal for dogs of all sizes and ages. It has been shown to bring out the puppy in senior dogs as well. Whether they're an old dog, young dog, or just gave birth to a litter of puppies, it seems to capture everyone's imagination.

Take it from Ken Jagmin, renown Las Vegas dog trainer, who incorporates Pupr Pals into his activities. 

Ken dog trainer approved of interactive dog toy as tool
The way the toy is constructed, and unique method of interaction, allow for natural corrective behaviors to occur during a play session, as it is with dogs when they interact with each other.  


Maybe your dog is an introvert, or they're a rescue who spent months or years in a shelter. If they didn't have an opportunity to learn appropriate socialization behavior with other dogs, they can practice with Nutjob. 

wearing interactive dog puppet squirrel toy

We went to a shelter in Houston and observed this behavior firsthand when we took our Nutjob squirrel to play with the dogs there. One dog in particular, beautifully broke out of her shell after she played with the toy. The difference in her body language was staggering. She had never seen a toy in her life. 

Pupr Pals' unique ability to provide feedback during play make it a fun learning companion. Experiences like that one encourage us to keep fostering and working with our local shelter and other foster parents. 


Puppies need safe toys. After my puppy chewed the plastic eyes and nose with his sharp puppy teeth off one of our earlier prototypes, we decided to get rid of all the plastic facial features and move to embroidery. This change not only allowed us to create a safer and more durable toy, it also gave us the freedom to incorporate a high level of detail in our custom embroidered eye pattern which is based on a real squirrel. 

realistic squirrel dog puppet interactive toy


When puppies learn how to play and socialize with other dogs, they correct each other's behavior. Nipping in puppies is very common either due to teething pains, or because they have not learned to safely play with other dogs and humans. If the yelping technique doesn't stop puppy biting, nipping can be corrected using the hands of the squirrel puppet, in a similar manner to how dogs play with each other

While we have done less testing with cats than with dogs, cat parents tell us that the protective fabric will give a rest to your scratched hands from sharp kitten claws and teeth as well. 

cat cartoon playing with interactive squirrel cat toy puppet Pupr Pals

Since the toy is so different from anything else they've played with, puppies and kittens are usually scared of the toy at first, but eventually get into it. Finally, after a tiring play session, they just want to cuddle up together.

sleepy puppy lying down with Pupr Pals squirrel puppet toy after playing

And that's why we call them Pupr Pals.

View in our shop and experience the fun. 


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