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Interactive Dog Toy with Padding for Playtime Protection - Squirrel Hand Puppet to Stop Puppy Biting; for Play Fighting, Wrestling, and Training

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Have you ever played with your dog? We don't mean games like fetch or tug of war. Not how humans play but how dogs play. 

When puppies are learning how to play, they can be nippy, ear pulling, tail biting, little wrestlers. It's difficult for us to play with our puppies in the way that they are used to. We were tired of all the toys on the market that were designed to be given to our dogs. We wanted to play with them. We wanted to make a truly interactive dog toy that considered both the dog and owner

Pupr Pals™ are lovable plush animals that your dogs can befriend, and puppets for interactive play. 

We developed Pupr Pals™ dog puppets because we wanted to make an interactive dog toy for both pets and their parents. The puppet has elements to stimulate the dog during play, and protective elements for the owner. It can be used to stop puppy biting, for roughhousing, enrichment, play, and training. 

  • Padding on the inner lining of the puppet protects against sharp puppy teeth during play.
  • Robust arm sleeve protects against sharp nails and prevents playful scratches.
  • Hidden squeaker in the throat and extra crinkly tail entertains and stimulates the dog's prey drive.
  • Great enrichment tool for tiring and training energetic puppies. Bond with your dog in a new way through shared play. 
  • We now offer a 90 day no-hassle Bite Back Warranty. If you forget to put away your toy and your dog destroys it, we will replace it once within 90 days without taking another bite out of your wallet.
  • Designed in the USA. Patent Pending.

Have fun bringing the inner puppy in your dog back to life! 

brown puppy sleeping over Pupr Pals hand puppet toy for dogs by milunova

Three use cases for our squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs:

Brown puppy sitting in the grass biting the hand of a person while looking up at him, text on image: 1. Stop puppy biting Brown puppy laying on its back in the grass wrestling with Pupr Pals squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs, text on image: 2. Play fight & wrestle Brown and white puppy playing with a Pupr Pals squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs for socialization,  text on image: 3. Train & socialize


Pupr Pals™ are trusted by dog trainers, ViviKen, and Alice:

Picture of Vivi from Loving Dog Training on orange background Picture of Ken from Taggs K9 dog training kneeling down and embracing a smiling dog Picture of Alice from Wongerdogs dog training surrounded by 5 large smiling german shepherd dogs
Contact us about wholesale pricing for retailers.

Disclaimer: Intended for pets only. Use only with pets with trained bite inhibition. The padding provides a layer of protection but is not impenetrable. Each pet parent should decide if it is suitable for their pet. The plush fabric is strong but not indestructible and should be regularly inspected for chewing damage. Replace if any damage could represent a health hazard. Keep out of reach of children. May contain small parts that could represent a choking hazard.

Pupr Pals

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Heather Lardieri
My Dog's Favorite Toy

This is, without question, my cockapoo's all time favorite toy. She goes wild every time it comes out of the toy box. She loves trying to attack and kill it! It's a very well-made puppet and does a great job protecting our hands when our dog bites at the squirrel. It holds up well, too. Shipping was super fast, and my package came with a very sweet hand written note. Please keep making these. They make my dog so happy. When she wears one out, I'll be back for another. Thank you!

Nejla Bajramovic
Much improved

My first review was in 2022, and it wasn’t positive, however I got a second chance in trying this awesome product and let me tell you, one month in of constant tugging, and its perfect. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Scott A Henderson
Never wants to stop!

My 12 year old terrier mix never wants to stop playing with this toy. It became his favorite instantly. Because of his heart condition, we've had to limit his time a little bit (he gets really into it!), but he truly cannot get enough. Excellent product.

Gary Maternick
Awesome product rusty loves it

Rusty loves the squirrel has a lot of fun

Michelle Thomas
It's a hit!

I have a very high drive toller who has an obsession with squirrels. We got this toy as a way to feed her prey drive and allow her a way to engage in this behavior in an acceptable way. She's hooked and loves it! I love that it's a puppet so I can truly animate the toy for her and we wrestle with her - I pretend to "attack" her and she works on trying to pull it off my hand - and I'll eventually let her pull it off and she gets time to finish her "kill" which usually ends with her finding the squeak and she's so proud and happy at the end of the session. Great enrichment toy that feeds this behavior need.