TikTok Video: Stop Puppy Biting with Socialization

In our previous blogpost we discussed the three methods to stop puppy biting. Along with the yelp technique, socialization is one of the most effective ways to teach bite inhibition. Puppies can learn naturally with the mother or in play with other dogs, but sometimes they don't have that opportunity. 
painting of a golden retriever teaching her puppy bite inhibition by correcting her behavior and pinning her to the ground
Image created using OpenAI's Dall-E 2
Dealing with a teething puppy's sharp teeth can be frustrating. In this TikTok video we discuss how the padding on the inner lining of the Pupr Pals interactive squirrel toy can protect against sharp puppy teeth, and how the toy can be worn like a glove and used like a puppet to correct unwanted behavior.


@milunova We use the #PuprPals #squirreltoy to help train and play with our foster puppies that were seperated from their mother at a very young age #babylandsharks #fosteranimals #puppybiting #teethingpuppy ♬ original sound - milunova


We also demonstrate in this TikTok video how we socialize a foster puppy using our squirrel hand puppet toy for dogs. That puppy had spent most of his life in the shelter, and you can see how interacting with the toy brings him out of his shell.

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