Two biggest tips for playing with a hand puppet dog toy

I've been playing with Pupr Pals for about 4 years now since the first prototype, with hundreds of dogs. Here are my two biggest tips for how to get the most out of your new toy. 

TIP #1: Introduce the toy gently

Introduce the dog toy hand puppet slowly like a friend who is shy to meet your puppy. It will help them not be scared of interacting with it and get used to the new play style. Let your dog approach the puppet at their own pace, sniff it, and get acquainted without forcing interaction. This gentle introduction helps build a bond between the toy and your dog, paving the way for hours of engaged and safe play. 

Instructional Icon with text that reads Hide It! Hide the toy when not in use to protect it from being destroyed and to keep your pet excited for it over time.


Tip #2: Keep the magic alive

Hide the toy when you're done with a play session to keep them excited for it over time, and to prevent it from being destroyed. You know how special treats feel more special when they’re a little rare? The same goes for this puppet dog toy - hide it after each play session. Prevent unwanted destruction and keep your dog eager for the next round of play. 

Instruction Icon that reads Slow Introduction! Slowly introduce the new toy to your pet by pretending it's a real animal who is shy to meet them.

Why trust a small business with your best friend's toys? Pupr Pals are a whole new play experience for both you and your dog. My brother Erik and I thoughtfully engineered them. Erik is a rocket scientist and I am an MIT & Stanford engineer. Together, we have fostered over 70 dogs and cats! We found a trustworthy factory that makes toys for PetSmart and Petco. So we combined our attention to detail and user experience design with their quality.

We know Pupr Pals are an investment in your pet. They are not meant to be tossed at your dog like another cheap toy. We also know first hand the horrible feeling of forgetting to put away your dog's new toy only for them to destroy it on the same day it was delivered! That's why we have introduced a 90 day no-hassle Bite Back Warranty. If you forget to put away your toy and your dog destroys it, we will replace it once within 90 days without taking another bite out of your wallet.

Time to make lasting memories with your best friend!