Milunova Community NFT Giveaway

We now have over 70k followers across our social networks. That’s an amazing feat for us considering that we’ve only been posting for a little over a year!

Without you, we truly would not be where we are. We found our first customers, sold out our first product, and even attended a valuable trade show because of our community. 

milunova superzoo tradeshow 2021

We want to show our appreciation to our followers who have engaged with our content, to our enthusiastic customers, and to the talented artists we have worked with.

As our way of saying thank you to our greatest supporters and online bffs, we will give away 100 digital badges that commemorate our first year on TikTok and Instagram. Holders of these will be able to claim exclusive perks in the future.

What's the prize?

The prize is a POAP - a digital collectible with publicly verifiable ownership.

Our POAP looks like this:

milunova POAP NFT giveaway badge

POAPs are NFTs on the xDai/Gnosis blockchain. 

An NFT (non-fungible token) represents a uniquely identifiable unit of data stored on a blockchain. 

These are free to mint/claim and completely carbon offset

Gnosis is an efficient and carbon offset blockchain compatible with Ethereum.

A blockchain is a shared database that securely links information to form an unalterable transparent record.

When you mint an NFT, you claim its ownership by writing data to the blockchain. NFTs can be collected, sold, or traded. We will recognize those who receive our POAP as our day one supporters for many years to come!

How do I claim it?

If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a crypto wallet.

A crypto or web3 wallet facilitates transactions for your public address using your private key.

The wallet will let you claim ownership to an NFT on the blockchain it uses.

Use your unique link, or go to and enter your claim code.

milunova poap claim website

You will need to copy and paste your public address from your wallet account in order to claim your POAP. Here is an example from MetaMask:

your ethereum address in metamask account

After you have claimed your POAP, you can view your collection here.

Since blockchain transactions are transparent, you can view your activity (or anyone else's) on the Gnosis blockchain by searching your address here.


What's next?

We’re engineers at heart. This NFT airdrop is our way of embracing and spreading a new technology to show our appreciation for our community. For now, it is a badge of honor. In time, we will use it to build systems that help us reward our early supporters.

After you have claimed your POAP, please make sure to fill out this form so we can contact you with the exclusive perks: 

google forms button

If you weren’t a recipient of our first POAP, please sign up to our mailing list to be notified of our newest product launches and discounts.

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