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August 30, 2021

Milunova Takes on SuperZoo 2021

Millie Luna Nova at SuperZoo 2021
Las Vegas - The Milunova brothers and dogs attend the SuperZoo pet trade show in a sprint to meet customer demand.

While the first TikTok video of the Patent Pending Stop & Go™ poop bags garnered almost 2M views, the next one amassed over 7M views in a matter of weeks. The first production run completely sold out but through that video, the brothers were connected with Emily of The Headstrong Hound - a BIPOC woman-owned pet store in the heart of Portland. She motivated them to attend the industry gathering event and showcase their viral product despite it being just a couple of weeks away. 

The brothers took on the challenge and through a burst of effort, were prepared to exhibit their Stop & Go™ poop bags, as well as their new squirrel puppet toy for dogs and cats, Pupr Pals™ - Nutjob, which is set to launch this fall. 

Although the Milunova pups were the stars of the show, the products were broadly well received with delight from independent pet retailers, to distributors and international importers. Perhaps even more encouraging was the reception from: veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, rescue shelter managers, pet cafe owners, and dog trainers. In this video, Ken - the renowned Vegas dog trainer of Taggs K9, offers his perspective on what makes the new interactive squirrel puppet toy for dogs and cats unique. 

A highlight of the trade show was the opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs at different stages of their journeys. During the off-hours, the exhibitor booths were the creative watering holes for business, legal, and marketing tips. 

The real work begins at the end of the trade show, as the Milunova team tries to keep up with demand. With products on back-order, we ask that independent retailers request an account through our Wholesale Portal

Stop & Go™ poop bags with stoplight colors are now available for sale at:

Pupr Pals™ Nutjob dog puppet toy is now available for pre-order:

Originally published on PRLog.

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