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June 28, 2021

Milunova Launches Stop & Go™ Poop Bags with Stoplight Color Scheme

Milunova Stop and Go Poop Bags Pet Waste with Stoplight Colors
Houston - Stop & Go™ bag rolls are the first pet waste bags to feature a stoplight color scheme of green, yellow, and red on the last three bags to give an intuitive warning before running out.

The bag rolls were developed by the brother engineering duo of Milunova. The brothers fell in love with dogs and fostering and now invent and develop products - whose design considers both the dog and owner - to improve the lives of pets and their parents.

Milunova teamed up with the artist and illustrator known on instagram as: @leraffejames. He illustrated the startled squirrel on the front of the bags, better known as Nutjob, who also takes the form of a dog toy on their next product, Pupr Pals™.

The bags are made in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic. Although biodegradable and compostable poop bags are usually marketed as eco-friendly, the FTC has warned that the biodegradable and compostable claims may be deceptive. The most environmentally friendly option would be to compost all dog waste. The real problem is that most of it ends up in a landfill. This excerpt provides an excellent summary of the issue, from: 

“That unease has helped fuel a booming market in biodegradable dog waste bags… Unfortunately, this seemingly green solution can backfire. The bags are designed to be composted, not landfilled. But in the absence of composting programs — I'll come back to this — many will end up in landfills, where they are more likely to degrade than a conventional plastic bag. ‘Anything that goes into the landfill and degrades is worse than something that goes in and doesn't,’ says Jack Macy, commercial zero-waste coordinator for San Francisco's Department of Environment. A compostable bag of poop that degrades in that circumstance would start producing methane, a potent greenhouse gas.”

Milunova decided that despite the marketing efforts of most bag manufacturers, the most practical environmentally friendly solution would be to use 100% recycled plastic with no virgin material. The best solution would be to move the industry towards an at-home pet waste composting system over time.

The material and color scheme isn’t the only thing that Milunova re-thought. 

The packaging is designed and manufactured in-house by Milunova. The box in which the rolls are packaged doubles as a roll dispenser when the front perforated section is removed.

The loops that wrap around each new roll make for easy removal and prevent the bags from sticking or tearing. 

The cartoon on the side of the packaging helps tell the story of why the bags were created, and features Luna, the husky german shepherd which belongs to Erik, one of the founders of Milunova. Her poop-walking inspired the creation of a roll which would give a warning when it was close to running out.

Milunova Stop and Go Poop Bags with stoplight colors cartoon

The first video which featured the novel bags went viral on Tiktok and in two weeks has amassed over 760k views.

Stop & Go™ poop bags with stoplight colors are now available for sale at:

Originally published on PRLog

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