Milunova Launches Pupr Pals™ Nutjob Interactive Dog Puppet Squirrel Toy

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November 28, 2021

Milunova Launches Pupr Pals™ Nutjob Interactive Dog Puppet Squirrel Toy

Houston - Pupr Pals™ Nutjob is the first of a kind plush squirrel dog toy that can be worn on the arm as a puppet, while having protective and stimulating features for interactive play.

The puppet was developed by the brother engineering duo of Milunova. The brothers fell in love with dogs and fostering and now invent and develop products - whose design considers both the dog and owner - to improve the lives of pets and their parents.

Milunova teamed up with talented Los Angeles based artists known on instagram as: @marthashootsfilm for photography and for graphic design to develop the manga style comic which features Nutjob the squirrel in action as seen on the homepage.  

The new interactive dog and cat toy features a bite-resistant fabric and a robust scratch-resistant sleeve making it possible for pet parents to play with their dogs and cats as puppies and kittens play with each other. The toy incorporates a crinkly tail and a hidden squeaker which is accessible from the inside to stimulate the dogs and cats during play.

The new product is not just a toy, however. In this video, as outlined by Ken - the renowned Vegas dog trainer of Taggs K9, the product’s unique construction makes it a great training and engagement tool.

Puppy and kitten parents can use the puppet to correct unwanted behavior during play, such as hand and feet nipping or biting. It has even been used to help socialize dogs at shelters who have been deprived of playtime to learn adequate interaction behaviors. The puppet toy can also serve as an effective tool to tire energetic dogs for pet parents who work from home. 

Just in time for the holiday season, the squirrel dog and cat puppets make great gifts for dog lovers, cat lovers, dog dads, dog moms, cat dads, cat moms, and pet parents everywhere. Here are a few tips to help get started with Pupr Pals™.

 Pupr Pals Instructional Card

The Pupr Pals™ Nutjob squirrels are now available for sale at:

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