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We are now building an analytics platform to visualize and understand your (or your competitors') TikTok engagement data. Insights from the data will help you refine your content or marketing strategy. Share your email to get early access.

Analytics provided by TikTok power users.

Export the comments in your videos to discover actionable insights. 

  • Find which followers are your biggest fans
  • Perform sentiment analysis on comment replies
  • Determine which content pillar drives the most engagement 
  • Conduct more insightful giveaways and promotions

Comments are exported per video and include nested replies and account names. An email with a download link will be sent within 24 hours of purchase completion. If more comments are desired than the maximum limit available, get in touch with us!

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Quick Service & Support

This report was very cost effective and was received within 5 mins of my order. It was just what I needed to run my tiktok giveaway based on comments on a particular video. When I needed help sorting the report customer service was very quick to email me and send detailed instructions on how to do it in excel. Would use them again for my next giveaway!