TikTok Comment Export Total Comment Count Discrepancy

A common question we receive from our customers about the comment export file is: why doesn't the comment count match the number shown on the TikTok app? 

We did a deep dive to try and figure out why the total number of exported comments doesn't match the count that TikTok has.

The conclusion that we came to is that we are not able to extract any comments that are not publicly viewable. This can be because an account is private, suspended, or banned, etc.

Typically, we have found that on an average video, somewhere between 10-20% of comments listed on TikTok are not viewable. Although it was tedious, we manually checked this finding when we verified our tool. 

So long as a comment is viewable on the TikTok app, it should be in the file.

If you are interested in doing analytics on your TikTok comments or engagement, you can export the comments in your videos to discover actionable insights using our tool.

You can use this data to:

  • Find which followers are your biggest fans
  • Perform sentiment analysis on comment replies
  • Determine which content pillar drives the most engagement 
  • Conduct more insightful giveaways and promotions

If you have any questions about the tool, or interpreting your data, please contact us.

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