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February 7, 2021

Milunova Granted Patent for Spigcap™ Water Dispenser Spout Cover

Milunova granted US Patent 11548775 for Spigcap - Water Cooler Dispenser Cover Spigot Spout Cap

Houston - The Milunova brothers and their 75 year old Guatemalan American father invent device to protect spigots, which among other things, can be used to stop your dog from licking the water cooler faucet.

Spigcap™ is a water cooler dispenser spigot spout cover cap for 5 gallon beverage jugs. It is designed in the USA by Milunova. The family run business has just been granted US Patent 11548775 for the device.

The father-son team is composed of a rocket scientist (Erik Lopez), an MIT and Stanford engineer (Saul Lopez), and their 75 year old father (Reginaldo Lopez) who is Guatemalan American. They were tired of worrying about the exposure of their spouts to dirt and bacteria when refilling 5 gallon water jugs. Reginaldo recalls realizing he wasn’t the only one with this concern, after seeing people at water stores around Los Angeles with plastic bags wrapped over their spigot spouts.

Their initial experiments show that spouts can potentially come in contact with more harmful bacteria outside the home when left exposed to the elements.

Spigcap™ is made of durable food-grade silicone and fits tightly around most standard spigots, ensuring a tight barrier on all spigots at home or during transport. The patented design features a clip that attaches to the spout stem, preventing spillage when the container is tilted.

It is manufactured using top quality translucent food grade silicone, which is BPA free, thermally stable, has low chemical reactivity, and will form a tight seal around the water crock spout.

Customers are also attesting that you can use the water cooler dispenser spout cover cap to stop your dog from licking the water cooler spigot tip.

After receiving his first US Patent at the age of 75, Reginaldo says he is motivated to keep on inventing. The sons, who are both Millennium Gates Scholars, are excited that the product has already been sold across the US, and is finding new uses in Central America, where locals are using it to keep their spigots protected against the common house flies.

Milunova Spigcap Water Cooler Dispenser Cover Spigot Spout Cap

The Spigcap™ water cooler spout cover is now available in packs of three.