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February 22, 2021

Milunova Elevates the Chapstick Holder to Fashion Accessory, Launches on Amazon

chapstick holder chaphugger eggshell mint white

Los Angeles - The chapstick holder is no longer just an item of utility.

While still unknown to much of the general public, this item gaining popularity has already evolved into a fashion statement. The Chaphugger™ was designed in Los Angeles and is made in the USA with custom-made hardened steel dies and uses an in-house developed saddle stitching technique with premium materials sourced from around the world.

Milunova teamed up with famed LA photographer and rising film creative Aurelio Lopez, Instagram: @aure1io to capture the exquisite styling details.

chapstick holder chaphugger victory lap red

The original Chaphugger™ developed in 2012 was made of plastic and steel. Over time the need to make the chapstick holder a design staple became apparent since it cemented its place as an essential accessory.

The current Chaphugger™ range comes in four distinct colors: Victory Lap (red), Eggshell Mint (white), Antique Western (gold/yellow), and Whiskey Cognac (brown).

chapstick holder chaphugger all colors

Saul Lopez, one of the Milunova co-founders shared his experience with the keychain:

“The original Chaphugger™ was created in 2012 from a frustrating experience of losing a lip balm tube after just having bought it one day earlier. Back then, it was just an injection molding and 3D printing exercise, since I was learning those techniques at the time. I tested a snap fit design, and a spring-loaded design extensively, over dozens of iterations, finishing many tubes of Chapstick in the process. Our product photography actually features ‘vintage’ Chapstick tubes since we’ve gone so long without losing them.

My friends and family asked me to make them some as well, but it wasn’t until 2019 when we noticed that overseas suppliers had commoditized the chapstick holder and managed to seed a sizable e-commerce market, particularly on Amazon. Having used a chapstick holder for nearly 10 years now, I realized that it traveled with me everywhere, and so I should treat it like a fashion accessory. I believe once enough people discover the product, they will first find utility in the novelty, but overtime desire it not as a commodity, but as a premium item which is almost an extension of one’s wardrobe.” 

The Chaphugger™ is a leather chapstick holder keychain which currently comes in four different colors and is available for sale at:

The Chaphugger™ chapstick holder is now available on Amazon:

And if you fire off a frustrated tweet about losing your new lip balm tube, you just might find that someone notices. Expect a reply from @urlostchapstick.

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Originally published on PRLog