Marty | My first small foster!

small black brown dog in car red collar


Marty was my first small foster, weighing about 10 lbs. I'm not used to small dogs so I thought it was important to foster one to get that new perspective. Overall Marty was a pretty easy going dog. He was cuddly and on my drive home he rode on my lap pretty much the entire way. Within an hour of being home, I got a call from the shelter letting me know that someone came by wanting to adopt him! 

When I dropped of Marty, I went to the kennels to pick my next dog and that is where I saw Bell. Bell was this incredibly sweet white and brown dog with an eye that was two different colors! I fell in love with her and wished that I could take her home but unfortunately/fortunately she was going to be picked up for adoption the following week. On the following Tuesday (closed Sunday & Monday) I used my lunch break to say hi and play with her.  I'm sure going to miss her!

 white brown dog smiling two color eyes


white brown dog playing two color eyes


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