Lady | My first foster dog!

Lady is my first foster! She appears to be a mix of Pitbull and Shepherd but it is hard to say. I am Fostering through League City's Home for the Holidays program. I went to the shelter and asked for the highest energy dog they had. They said Lady had a foster home but was returned when she chewed through the metal crate. I brought her home and after 20 minutes of running around with Luna and Nova, this is what she looked like:


She fell asleep smiling after being able to run around with my girls.  So much for high energy! She can't keep up with Lulu and Nova!

She is extremely friendly and gets along well with both of my dogs. She is very eager to go on car rides and jumps in as soon as the door opens. She is very cuddly when she wants to be. I often find her sleeping under my desk when working or off in a corner somewhere. The only issue we have had so far is barking. She doesn't bark excessively just more than I am used to. Luna and Nova both bark very rarely so when a dog does bark it is out of the ordinary for me. It is not a constant thing. If she hears something outside she will go out and bark but stops after a little while. Not a huge issue, should be easily solved with a little bit of training and once she is more familiar with the sights and sounds of Tooshi Ranch. I feel like the presence of Luna and Nova will serve as a calming influence for any future fosters. As crazy as they are, they both behave very well. When Lady barks, neither of them join in. Nova even begins to lick her on occasion, maybe in an attempt to calm her down. I also have a new found appreciation for Nova but especially Luna. She is such a well trained, obedient pup. When I am getting ready to go in my car Lady is going crazy, Nova sits politely and Luna is just chilling. Nova and Lady rush into the car but Luna just hangs back and waits for me to tell her it is okay. That's my girl :)

Just got a call… looks like the person who dropped Lady off at the shelter wants her back. I really hope she is going to a good home. Here is her picture right before I dropped her off. You can tell just how fast her tail was wagging.

black dog wagging tail

black dog looking at camera

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