Cherry | The first foster puppy!

brown puppy smiling in car

While meeting with Houdini's new family I saw a puppy that was outside playing that I previously hadn't seen at the shelter. After the paperwork had been finished, I asked if I could go say hi to the puppy. Her name was Cherry and like all puppies, I could tell she was crazy! While meeting her the shelter asked if I could take her home. Puppies don't do well at shelter since they have a much weaker immune system. I was like ummm a puppy?! Absolutely! Puppies are the worst but also the very best!

Cherry is getting along with Luna and Nova very well! When Luna is on the ground playing with Cherry, she grabs her with her paws the same way she does with her teddy bears! It is adorable to see. Cherry also likes to play with Nova's tail. Poor thing, puppy teeth are razor sharp! Fortunately for Nova's tail, Cherry was adopted an event the following day.

Also, I almost forgot what puppy breath smells like… it is amazing!

brown puppy sitting

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