Cassi | My favorite foster

Cassi, short for Cassini (the spacecraft that explored the rings of Saturn) was easily my favorite foster and also my longest foster. I had her for several months for a couple reasons. One, she was amazing! Two, I had Cassi while I was finishing up my Master's Degree and she was one of my easiest fosters. Cassi had great little quirks that made me love her even more. Most dogs lick people, Cassi would just put her mouth right next to my face and do nothing... just stare me at from super close and do nothing! She was also extremely quiet. I heard her bark maybe one or two times in the months that I had her. But when I did, my goodness that was a loud bark in a small package of a dog!

black puppy sleeping on green sweater

One weekend, my good friend Zak from college came to visit me in Houston. We drove over to one of my favorite dog parks in Houston, Johnny Steel Dog Park. I like this dog park because it has several trails leading to it and it has a place for my pups to swim. One thing I learned when taking her there was that Cassi was scared of stairs! I don't have stairs at my house and when she saw them for the first time to walk down to the park, she was to scared! With some help she overcame her fear and went to play in the water. Here is a video of her playing with Luna and Nova while learning how to swim!


Once I finished my Master's Degree, I decided to go on a mini vacation with Luna, Nova and Cassi to celebrate. When I graduated from undergrad, I did a road trip across the country stopping by all the best dog parks I could find. One of my favorites was Shawnee Mission Dog Park in Kansas City. I decided to make the drive from Houston with the girls. I can't emphasize enough how beautiful the dog park is. It has an area of the lake sectioned off just for dogs to play in!


While I was there, I happened to meet a wonderful person who ended up falling for Cassi! To her surprise, I let her know that I was fostering Cassi and that she was available for adoption. Several hundreds of miles away from my home is where Cassi found her new home. The family that adopted her is amazing and I've actually driven back to Kansas City to the same dog park and have been able to see Cassi again. Three years later, here was the little reunion with Luna, Nova and Cassi. 

dogs playing in lake

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