Poop Bag Holder

One of the hardest parts about walking three dogs at the same time is holding all of the poop bags, especially since Luna is a double pooper! Between holding their three leashes and often more than 4 poop bags I finally decided I should do something about it. With our logo for inspiration, I decided to make a quick prototype of a poop bag holder that I have now used every day for months! Using FreeCad, I modified our logo to add slots which could be used to hold the poop bags. The slot needed to be sized such that it was big enough to allow a poop bag to slide through but the remaining piece needed to be thick enough such that it would not break due to day to day use. I also rounded the sharp corner created by the cut so that the poop bag would not be torn and so that it could go in smoother. Afterwards, I mirrored the shape and extruded the sketch to my desired thickness. 

milunova logo sketch freecad

milunova logo poop bag holder freecad

Next up came the hard part. Being patient while I put my 3D printer to work. Here you can see the printer in action as it works on the first layer.

3d printer blue poop bag holder

I had originally thought about making the holder out of TPU (a flexible filament) and having a built in loop that could attach to the leash. Since this was a just a proof of concept I leaned on one of my favorite engineering principles, KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! So I decided to use zip ties instead! Overall this was really fun to make! I went from idea to actual prototype over the span of a few hours. One of the reasons I absolutely love 3D printers!

milunova logo blue poop bag holder

milunova logo blue poop bag holder with poop bags


Never hold a poop bag again! 🐕💩##3dprinting ##prototype ##dogsoftiktok ##poopbags

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