Custom Dog Feeding Station Ikea Hack

Of all the things I've made for my dogs this was one of my favorites! My house flooded during Hurricane Harvey and as I was planning the repairs I decided I wanted to build the house back better than it was before. One thing I knew I wanted to incorporate was a built in dog feeding station. Since I had to tear out the drywall this provided a unique opportunity. With the water pipes exposed, it was relatively easy to add plumbing for a built in water fountain! Since the refrigerator hook up was right beside the planned location, I was able to branch out from that for the doggie water fountain. I decided I wanted the actual spout inside the cabinet but the handle to turn the water on/off above the cabinet so the dogs couldn't accidentally turn it on and flood my house! Here is what the plumbing looks like.

plumbing dog fountain

With that step complete, I turned to Ikea for cabinets. When looking at the available options I knew I wanted a drawer on the top and bottom. Here is what the installed cabinet looks like without any drawers.

brown cabinet silver dog bowl

Having a drawer on the bottom was important for a variety of reasons. First, it elevated the bowls which reduced strain on my dog's neck while eating and drinking. Additionally, a drawer would allow me to add a countertop surface so that the bowls could be sunken in. One of the great things about Ikea cabinets is that they are extremely customizable. I was able to buy a standard existing cabinet, the size drawers that I wanted and due to the modular nature of Ikea cabinets, the holes were already in place such that I could easily install the drawers on the top and bottom. I used extra countertop material I had from the rest of my kitchen and cut it to size such that it could fit inside the cabinet and cut two holes for their food and water bowl. I then applied a water proof membrane on the inside of the holes to prevent any water damage. I then used brackets and 4x4 pieces to prop up the countertop inside the drawer and this is the final result.

cabinet built in dog bowls golden retriever marble countertop

One of the steps I hadn't accounted for was that the spout I had purchased did not extend far enough for the water to reach the bowl! Luckily, that was easily remedied by using a faucet extender originally meant for children. Here you can see Luna enjoying her new feeding station, where the cabinet sits within the kitchen(on the right) and a video of it in action.

german shepherd brown cabinet dog bowls station

kitchen dog cabinet feeding station butcher block marble countertop


Custom feeding station with built in water fountain I made for my dogs! #PetThings #DIY #IkeaHack

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  • Erik

    I had recently redone my shower so I was able to use the same water proofing membrane I used for the shower for the cabinets! It was called Mapelastic Aquadefense. Hope that helps!

  • Jenn

    This is excellent! We are doing a version of the same design. I am wondering, what did you use as the “waterproof membrane” for the piece of countertop? Thanks!

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